A downloadable game for Windows

The new incarnation of Pang game genre.

This is just first technical demo of the game. Most likely a prototype. It may contain bugs and have balance problems.

I really need your support and feedback. Thank you.

Future Features:

  • More kinds of balls and enemies.
  • More different and exciting levels.
  • More effects and new graphics.
  • More types of weapons and abilities.
  • Level constructor and user levels.
  • Online highscores and TOP list.
  • Dropping temporary bonuses at levels
  • Sounds, music, narrative and more.

Install instructions

Unzip the Pangus folder and run Pangus.exe inside that folder.

Controls: Arrow Keys or WASD

Move = Left & Right
Shoot = Up
Jump = Down

Warning: Hardcore! (try to reach level 20)


Pangus_Alpha_0_2_5_WIN.zip 7 MB

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